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[February 12] [Labyrinth] Choices

Title: Choices
Day/Theme: February 12 - Between dreams and reality is the vault of your soul. - mushishi
Series: Labyrinth
Character/Pairing: Sarah Williams/Jareth
Rating: Fiction K

This is her past and this is her future.

A girl who must choose over who to rule, herself, the world, or him. It is a difficult choice for she doesn't know the options she has. In her eyes, it is only the world and herself.

Never any waking thought of him.

But when she slumbers, when her eyes droop and usher in her dreams, he comes to her. He doesn't arrive in a flourish like what she would expect from him, he appears slowly at the edge of her vision.

He approaches her cautiously like one would a wild bird. With slow steps to show her he means no harm. Then he bows to her and offers her his hand.

And with a smile, she accepts him.
Tags: c: jareth, c: sarah williams, f: fanfic, lj: 31_days, mine, p: sarah williams and jareth, s: labyrinth
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